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Cooperation Plan

MyEMS Introduction

MyEMS is an industry-leading open source energy management system and is based on Python and React. It is used for collecting, processing, analyzing, reporting and displaying energy data of buildings, factories, shopping malls, data centers and enterprise zones. MyEMS can be used for device management, data collection, processing, analysis, visualization and reporting for your EMS projects. MyEMS is being developed and maintained by an experienced development team, and the system's source code is published under MIT license. Using open source to help achieve carbon peak carbon neutrality goals.

Potential Partners

  1. Hardware products manufacturer, including but not limited to meters, sensors, flow meters, data collectors, protocol conversion gateways, network communication gateways, controllers, firewalls, etc
  2. Software products developers, including but not limited to data acquisition software, industrial control software, building control software, Internet of Things software, industrial communication protocol software, etc


  • No charge

Cooperation Benefit

  1. Complete test report and integration instruction document
  2. Deep technical communication with MyEMS team
  3. Pass the test and obtain MyEMS authoritative certificate
  4. The product has the opportunity to write into MyEMS industry solutions
  5. The product has the opportunity to get comprehensive recommendation from MyEMS


  1. Mail the product to MyEMS development laboratory
  2. MyEMS team builds test environment
  3. Conduct integration test
  4. Technical exchange
  5. Prepare test report
  6. Compile MyEMS integration instruction document
  7. Return of hardware products as is
  8. Submit test report and integration instruction document
  9. Grant MyEMS authentication certificate

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